Projects 2012

  • Compost — Update 2/19/13: passed on to Joel and whoever else asks me about it
  • Vermicompost/culture — Plan to pass on to Mel
  • Cob Bench — Talking with Pam about possibilities here
  • Solar Oven/Dehydrator — Work in progress, need thermometer and air-flow indicator, filling heat-box with cans
  • Aquaponics — Single goldfish, 10 gallons, growing basil, spinach and kale
  • Railbike — shelved indefinitely
  • Fire staff — bought supplies, lost supplies
  • Fire sticks (flowersticks / devilsticks with fire)
  • Heliostat — talking with Joel about this, possibility to use closet door mirrors for indoor light-enhancement
  • Stationary-bike powered Compost Blender — back burner
  • Utility Bike Trailer — Phase 1 complete. Works, but it a bit top heavy, a little cumbersome to hitch, has a flat tire, and needs a box or basket

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