Goals for a Better Life

My Main Goals Exist As Follows:


  1. Heal the self
  2. Heal the land
  3. Serve prosperity
  4. Cultivate the Weird
  5. Surround myself with people who Love me
  6. Do things that I love: Teach, Create, Learn
  7. Care for the Parts in Reach
  8. Imagine -> Set Goals -> Work Toward Them Consciously and Vigorously -> Achieve Goals -> Learn -> Experience & Grow (repeat)
  9. Wildscape
  10. Live In Community
  11. Host Fundraising Events for my Projects (and my debts)
  12. Build my Centers, travel between them
  13. Share my life with my Tribe
  14. Write more, Play more, Create more, Love more, Appreciate more



  1. Knit the community
  2. Create spaces that manifest permaculture ideals
  3. Make a living doing something I enjoy
  4. Craft more art
  5. Finish more projects


  1. Be more respectful
  2. Move more
    – Dance
    – Practice martial arts
  3. Write more
    – Blog
    – Journal
  4. Be healthier
    – Pay attention to my body’s needs
    – Smoke less or quit entirely
    – Learn about holistic medicine and when it’s necessary
  5. Play more music
    – Busk
    – Jam
    – Write/record songs
  6. Work with others to accomplish shared goals


  1. Live a lifestyle that is free from guilt
  2. Help people
  3. Use my brain to solve problems that matter
  4. Entertain more
  5. Work with my hands
  6. Teach kids and adults about technology in a way that helps them:
    – Understand the world
    – Care about the world
    – Change the paradigm
  7. Integrate disparate world views



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