This is the Now

This is the Now.

At this moment, as I write, Mack dog and I eat our respective dinners. Mine, at least, came by my own hand. From the vegetables I helped gather from the end of a vast waste-stream, to the yogurt I taught others to make as I made it, I have crafted this dinner. Someday, I hope to do the same for Mack.

Today was a good day for myself, by myself. I played in our Little Forest, readying the ground for the coming of Spring. I twisted sumac boughs into a spiral, starting to craft a boundary from the soon-to-be-vibrant Thicket; I sculpted the creek to bear a form I desired, her waters finally warm enough to step in barefooted; I crafted a form for adobe bricks to be made from the red and gray clays we’ve found on the land; I finished the raised bed with a thin layer of shredded hardwood to hold down the fluttering leaves. The storm has passed us by, but we remaining on its windier edges.

To understand the life I have chosen to lead, these words are crucial, as for me, they describe a pretty much ideal day. The kind of day I would have chosen as my birthday, kinda day. This is the kind of day that I have sought to live for: to make vacations and “personal income” obsolete terms, to learn and live the visions I have for how it can be to be free.

Lofty words, to be sure. My writing style is being affected by the books I’m reading, but I’m sure it’s all for the better, to speak in a bold mix of archaic and modern terms…dude.

Do you have a dream? A calling? A vision for what your life could be? Not what you expect to get, nor what you fear to receive, but what you dream for yourself when you are feeling your best.

I have strove (striven, strived?) to live a life free from guilt. Not to turn away from compassion, but to open up to a world free from shoulds. A life, instead, populated with coulds, cans, and wills.

Today, I could and did have a Day On on my day off.



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