Choices To Be Made

The possibility of an extended stay with a new group in Oregon has diminished. They are too taxed financially to host me as an intern. Am I willing to convince them to have me on as a work-trader instead? To simply provide food for my sustenance, with me paying into the group fund via my food-stamps.

Their liason and founder says that they don’t have the space (budgetarily) for a full-time intern for the entire growing season. There are many other possible relationships that could be neither full-time nor an internship that may work for all of us.


Full Bloom Community

Am I willing…? Am I as excited as I was when I applied? When I heard back?

I’ll ask myself tomorrow. Upon reading the latest communique, my brain immediately jumped into “What do I do now?” mode. This is not the best time to be making any long term pronouncements, decisions, or actions. I need to sleep on this new information and do some gridding.

There are so many things about this group that resonate with me, or at least about what they say, which is bound to be different from the reality, to a degree.

The way they are raising their children in Community, with clear and loving communication, play, and plenty of good food. The way they acknowledge the damage done them by our ailing culture, and the way they seek and act to heal. The way they have the overwhelming need to be sure that their actions are of a benefit to the surrounding environment, and the way that farming food strikes them as a compromised solution that has much room for improvement. I like that they are entering into a Permaculture-design-implementation phase of their growth. I like that they are ecstatic dancers and yoga practitioners. I like the buildings they have crafted for themselves, the way they present themselves on the Internet.

I could go on. But instead I will go to sleep and dream into these growing pains and awaken stronger and more determined than ever to achieve my Vision in whatever way the Universe conspires to allow me.


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