I am noticing that I don’t know where I want to be, what I want to be doing for the next year. I am tired of the type of flow that I am in, moving from experience to isolated experience, with my solitary being the only one on this journey.

I want to have peace of mind regarding the midterm future

Things I know to be Truth:
1. There are several places that I know that I COULD be for a significant amount of time. There are groups of people that I have bonded with, my family, folks in Big Bend, in Santa Cruz, in Capay Valley. I have been having a GRAND adventure, just by being me.
2. I love me.
3. I love everyone.
4. Prosperity is mine if I choose to serve it.
5. Love is the answer to the questions in my heart, like where do we go, and what do we do and how come it’s so hard.
6. It’s always better when we’re together.
7. I want more than one center to my life. I want partners, though that will travel with me between them.
8. I want a tribe that I feel is mine, that I truly belong to
9. The members of my tribe are my friends and my family. Most of whom I know right now.
10. The pieces are there, it is only a matter of starting to lay them down. Just as my metaphysical ideas come together from many different perspectives, everything that I do, so long as it is for my larger purpose (heal the land, heal the self), will add up to greatness.
11. Everything will be All Right. All True. And it will be FUCKING AMAZING.
12. I will feel sad sometimes, I will feel down. That is OKAY. That is PERFECT. It is exactly what is need to appreciate the MAGNITUDE of Joy that I am capable of.

Doin' it right with three points of contact

Doin’ it right with three points of contact


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