Greetings from the Present

Good afternoon all,

I have not been using the ticky-tacky to refine my thoughts and experiences, but instead the skritchy-scratchy of hand-made notes. Thus, I would like this opportunity to share some of my words with you, written by pen in the moment, rather than by keyboard in summary.


I have torn pages from this journal and made it my own. Repurposed, I suppose, from the lost and then found material I hold in my hands. I have managed to fill many of my nights recently with social activity, to the point where nights spent at home feel nearly fruitless. Is it programming that makes me feel that the day should be productive and the night “relaxing”? There are many productive activities I might be undertaking at night, but am not. Not least working on Saddle Sacks, crafting the Guimsey Hill website, practicing guitar or painting. But where in the house might I do this?
I enjoy common spaces, but they have the added burden of being shared by many, and as such they belong to many and must be kept available. My space is my Beaver Den, far from the invigorating influence of babbling voices and laughter. To be honest, though, being inside is a damper on my creativity and my inspiration. Ideal would be a common workspace where people can be co-motivated to accomplish individual and shared goals.
There are others in this Valley looking to make a living from the fruits of their labor, but the majority seem to be hangerson to the leftover and overflows of more “successful” individuals. These people feed, clothe, and house our number, if ony by providing monetary income by which to pay for such things. Better to be directly connected to the providers of our lives by exchanging products and services. Better to join forces with the fellow unemployed to make something larger than ourselves; to provide for the larger community of cash and credit. But NOT to provide tchotchkes or luxury goods. We must ensure that our collective actions are of a benefit to the environment in which we live, either by utilizing so-called wastes in the creation of wealth or by replacing a perceived need with a more conscionable alternative. 
There are many “wastes” in the production of agricultural goods. Not least the low hanging fruit of unsellable produce. But there are also abundant sources of organic materials which could be put to use supplying this Valley with much needed inputs. Biochar, compost, mulch, humus, soil. These are all of benefit to the larger environment. So too are the ideas and experiences of successful desert farmers, ranchers, and peoples. 

Hiking 1

Head Down, Eyes Forward



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