Three Oaks (Part I)

The path beneath the oaks is lined with berry bushes, grape-vines, and fig trees and follows a verdant aqueduct. Blue, Live, and Valley Oaks shade the path along the gurgling water.  After a short turn, the soft foot-path ends at the carved foot of a fallen tree. The old pine crosses the waterway, path worn smooth into the tree’s bark. The smooth handrail of hand-carved fallen wood safely guides to the other side of the natural bridge where a broad expanse awaits. Views of golden hills dominate the skyline, punctuated by old Oaks on the rolling slopes. In the foreground, a veritable food forest invites. A spiraling path flows organically beneath Figs and Olives, Pomegranates, and Almonds.  Medicinal and culinary herbs cluster at the base of the fruit trees. Clover covers the forest floor, and comfrey. Birds and bees soar through the cool scented air, fertilizing and pollinating as they zip from tree to flower laden tree.  To the immediate right, another log, this time connected to its roots leads down a staircase on the side of a small arroyo. The path cuts to the left of the dip in the land, following the curve of the hill down towards a creek bed. Water streams down the arroyo from the aqueduct in branching paths of river rock, nourishing oyster mushrooms and wild grapes.

to be continued


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