A Return To Davis

It seems our bike adventure is getting cut short. My Grandma is in the hospital, and my Aunt thinks it may not be long until she passes. She’s been sick for months now, ever since a surgery to remove metal rods from her spine. Although the operation went off without a hitch, reactions to pain meds, and pneumonia has kept her bed-ridden for months. So, I’m trying to find a ride to Davis now. It’s looking like my sister will be able to give us a ride tomorrow, and my brother offered to come and get us if nothing else works out.

This coming after we’d already decided to stop bicycling, and start vanning it to Montana, where we hope to get a ride to Maine (or the East Coast) after the National Rainbow Gathering there.
It seems the Universe is conspiring. 

We’ve been in Petaluma for 2 full days now. This is the third. For the first two, we hung out in a little plaza next to the Starbucks (or in the Starbucks), trying to find a ride for us. A man named Sam called back yesterday and offered us a ride from Sacramento to Montana in about 9 days. That leaves some days to spend with my Grandma before going off again.

Pigeon is heading South, and I’ve decided to loan him my bike until we meet again. Perhaps in the Bay after this journey is all over. Thinking about giving him my little backpack too. It’ll be sad to see those things go, but a detachment to objects is one of my lifelong goals, so it’ll be good practice.

This trip has been a lot of things so far, not least a series of learning experiences. Patience, group decision making, personal strength, diet, living without money (or much money, anyway). All of these things pale in comparison to the magic that I’ve felt along the trip. I’ve always been of two minds, and although the rational side is useful most times, I have let the artistic side atrophy over the years. It’s a blessing to be able to practice feeling the world, instead of putting it into boxes. I hope someday to reconcile the two, but am okay with just building them up in different ways, until I find a way to combine the two sensibilities.


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