A Call to Arms, Hands, and Feet

White wind, red bridge, our view obscured by nature and humankind alike.

We travel to travel, and to bridge the gaps between those in the cracks.

Our mission is to get to Maine, but also to plant seeds, real and metaphorical alike.

Cross pollination, recruitment into the Green Brigade: a call to common crafters to create anew.

To make old the obsolete, we must meet our people’s needs:

Safety and security
Peace and passion

We will achieve our task, laid out for us by the common man, the uncommon woman, the desecrated spaces and the occupied places:

Love and liberation for all.

We won’t stop till we fall
They do.

We will be here to pick up the pieces, and create the way forward,

Through this canyon,

Over this bridge,

Past this precipaceĀ 


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