And Then There Was One

My remaining comrades have departed, one for Monterey to see her niece and nephew, the other for Santa Cruz. Both seem to prefer to travel alone, and I’m down for that. The time in the last days has passed most peacefully when alone, thoughts filled with the sights that fill my eyes and the sounds that fill my ears. No more stressful scenarios about the impending trip that kept me from sleeping during my time in the dark basement of my father’s home. 

Now that the journey has begun, I think only of where my wheels lie on the road beneath me, and when the sun is beginning to set, where I might sleep for the night. 

I got word from the Occupy Crew last night that they had made it successfully to Santa Cruz, hitching I can only presume. This came after we had blindly passed Half Moon Bay and spent a few hours returning to try and meet up. It was only when we had arrived that I thought to turn on my phone.

Last night, I treated my comrades to a dinner at a fine Indian Restaurant, our first “full” meal in days. The only contention the amount of money that I was spending, regardless of my entreaties  to not worry about it. My money – my choice.

Thank you Sara for reminding me that magic does still exist in our universe. Thank you Cody for giving me faith in the power of healing. Thank you Samson for being ever watchful, however unnecessary, barking at ghosts and potential threats alike.

Thank you all for reading. If you see me riding on the side of Highway One, please feel free to honk and say ‘sup.


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