Cache Creek

The action of the wind is visible in the rippling sheets across the water
and in the bowing of the trees across the Creek

Oak trees dot the emerald rolling hills,
invasive grasses cropped close by roaming cattle
sequestered by barbed wire and rotted posts

Cache Creek flows by
More than a creek, but a green river
Her flows determined by a council of counties
The threat of old quicksilver invisible in her rippling passage
The remaining vestiges of gold mines long closed
Beer cans and the shells of Asiatic Clams litter her banks,
More evidence of man’s presence and short-sightedness

Minnows school in the muddled water below, 
Seeking slow eddies to live their lives

A red-skulled vulture, wings stretched, feathers variegated against the sun, soars overhead, his endless search for food fruitless

Better to glide across California State Highway 16,
a sure source of days-old road kill, cars the only top tier predator left in this valley

Although the yips and yowls of a band of coyotes keeps the dogs awake at night when they convene for their mysterious meetings across the highway on the shores of the Creek

Are they planning their next heist? Chihuahuas or chickens tonight’s main course?


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