In Which the Author Begins Construction on HoboHut #1

Frame Sketch

HoboHut #1 Frame Sketch

HoboHut #1: Foundation Posts

Made from salvaged wood and stone, these posts resist lateral forces and serve as the outer foundation of the Hut

I must be blessed. Yesterday, Hannah and I began construction on HoboHut #1. She was extremely excited to help, and I was excited to have her helping. I call her the Hobo Queen, and she tends to live up to the name. Yesterday, she was in fine form, picking up trash from the creek bed, weaving together vines and brambles to create natural structures: a natural wall and extension of an existing ivy-dome. Between the two of us working, we managed to work out the general geometry of the Hut and get started on the foundational work of the structure. We sank two posts into the ground about 2 feet deep, surrounded by rocks and urbanite collected from the creek bed. Between each layer, and surrounding each rock, we poured a mixture of creek bed clay and sandy loam — a kind of natural cement that I worked with during my landscaping gig last summer. The posts can be removed with enough vertical force, but resist side-to-side motion extremely well. Solid as hell! 

Today, I’m going to go by the Public Records Office and see who the land belongs to. I spoke briefly with Ross this morning, and he was of the opinion that the creek bed beside the neighbors house belonged to the neighbor. I’m not so sure, but it’s good to be clear on the boundaries of the project. I plan on speaking to the owner of that house, regardless, and making sure that they’re okay with me improving the creek bed. I need to have a longer conversation with Ross about it too. He raised some good points about keeping public attention off of the area in order to avoid scrutiny from the Powers That Be (PTB). 

The ultimate goal is to have this portion of the creek serve as an Ecological Park for the neighborhood, with the park-side gate open during the day and closed and locked at night. Between Ross’s side of the creek and this side, a natural berry-er (har har, thanks Hannah) will serve to protect and separate the two projects.  We started work on the berry-er yesterday as well, moving an enormous fallen branch (TEAMWORK!) to serve as a scaffold for nearby berry brambles.  Hannah thinks the berries are going to blow up, and I agree. As soon as you give them a place to reach up, they will do so with incredible speed — I seen it!

Things to note publicly:

  • HoboHut #1 will not be lived in without full disclosure to the neighboring property owners
  • So-called Improvements will be largely reversible and made from the materials on hand whenever possible. This portion of the creek was used for dumping for many years, so the prevalence of scrap wood and material is almost overwhelming.
  • Any form of an Ecological Park will not be opened to the public until the HoboHut is complete and better camouflaged and the Berry-er is fully grown — likely to be going good by the end of the summer.  
  • Full agreement by neighboring property owners will be needed before opening the space to the public, out of respect for their wishes and a higher likelihood of support from the local community should the PTB (Powers That Be) decide to close the project down

The goal here is not to keep this project a secret, but in fact, to create a space that is open and accessible by the local community as a pseudo-wild, secret-garden-style oasis and public space. 

More pictures of the area can be found here: HoboHut #1

Questions to Answer:

  • How do I attach the Hut to supporting trees? 
  • Best way to roof the Hut? I’m thinking a couple of beams, covered by plastic, protected by palm-fronts or a mat woven from grasses found in the area

3 thoughts on “In Which the Author Begins Construction on HoboHut #1

  1. Starting to wonder why no one who reads my blog comments on my posts. Is it time? Don’t get down to the bottom, ever?
    I love feedback.

    A Humble Request:
    Please, comment, have a conversation even with one of my other readers, ask a question, whatever..There aren’t many of you, so you probably already know each other!

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