A House Where My Home Is (this week)

So, Joel (my roommate) and I have been talkin. There’s a creek bed that runs near our house. It’s been known as Stray Cat Creek by some, Sausal Creek by others–although it is no longer a running creek, having been diverted, culverted, and abandoned to the ivy. I call it the possible future site of one of my many houses in the coming months. The plan is to have this be my Fruitvale house, so when I am in the area, I don’t have to worry about staying on couches.

(Note: It may be folly to write about this in a public forum, but it would be a ridiculous reason to have a run in with the law, given it’s location in an otherwise near-blighted area, and while I am not looking to be a pariah when it comes to these things, I will also not hide my doings out of fear of punishment. Enough said)

There are two alternative possibilities for a hut in the creek bed. The first possibility is to build up from the creek bed between the boles of 4 trees. During our explorations, we’ve found quite a large amount of scrap wood and fallen lumber, and I don’t think it would be too difficult to craft something that would at least keep the water off. My sleeping bag is pretty warm, after all. We could fairly readily create a space that is about 4ft x 6ft, giving me room to stretch out along the diagonal, and built almost 100% from reclaimed materials.

The second option is to raise a tent inside of an ivy-infested, branch-roofed burrow that Joel and I crawled through tonight. We think that it would be possible to run cables from the apex of the natural dome and weave a tarp between the cables and root-stock of the vines. This space would most likely be about a ten foot dome-like structure, 10ft across, and about 5ft high.

I’m weighing either, with several factors reigning supreme above others:

– Camouflage: the structure should be hidden from view or otherwise obscured from public knowledge of its existence

– Comfort: the structure should be able to protect me from most environmental factors, including wind and rain. Long term moisture problems can be mitigated by hanging things out to dry.

– Security: it’s called Stray Cat Creek for a reason. Don’t want no cats doin the stray cat strut all up in my business.

– Cool factor: which one is cooler, honestly?

Going to try and start the project tomorrow. Any input would be welcome! 


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