In Which the Author Undergoes The Big Three-Oh

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It was a really nice one. I was stressing out last night about what I was going to do today, but when I woke up, I decided to just see where it took me.
It started with good coffee from my friend Donna, who’s been coming by to share wisdom and help me organize my space in the house. 
Then Allen-Deon and I finished (functionally, at least) the bike cart that has been cluttering up the shop for months. It’s free to use, btw, although it will be more useful next week — with someone’s help, I hope. It can be used by anyone.
After breaking for the evening, I went down to Fruitvale BART to busk for awhile. I made quick-friends with the flower salesman, who’s from Chihuahua, Mexico and sang my heart out for an hour or so. It’s a great feeling to be able to sing as loud as I can, and needing to do so because the damn BART is roaring overhead. My friend, Eduardo Valadez Arenas (Mexican Soap Opera Guy), came and recorded me for a moment. 
I headed back to the house for roommate company and food — which was awesome Pamela and Johanna!! And finally, off to The Layover for some invite-only funk jams that I self-gifted my way onto the stage, and conversation and shared journal writing with a beautiful Ohio woman. A good day. 
Thank you for your love, support, patience, and motivation this last year. Everyone of you has helped me have the best year of my life so far, and I am forever grateful.

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