In Which The Author Hits the Fence (literally)

Oakland NightsIt really was a good one. Although! Although, it did have an interesting end. I went over to some rockabilly pad with Brain and almost immediately got into a weird “who’s dick is longer” with some guy. I was cool with everyone else, but he took an immediate disliking to me due to our initial exchange (I imagine). I was willfully ignoring the signals, and at some point told his girlfriend that her eyes sparkled in the street-light. This was during a funny exchange where we (B, the lady, and I) were exchanging compliments. Unfortunately, they did not understand what I had said, and I had to repeat myself. Which brought the comment to the attention of said guy. Who brought the hammer down, and how. Threatened to take my tongue with a fist in my face. He went inside to simmer down, only to come barging out the door with violence on his face and forcefully pushed me from the property. <shrug> Lessons learned:
1) I could most likely take anyone who was close to my size in close-combat. He wasn’t that much stronger than me, and I have more skill, although much less anger…

—EDIT 12/25/12

As I reread this, I realize that I was writing it with too much ego. I was almost completely at fault in this situation, and the more I talk and think about it, the more I realize how much of it was me. Granted, the guy was kind of a prick to me from the get-go, but it was his right as resident of the house to be so. I shouldn’t have taken offense to his in-hospitality, which I realize now was the trigger for my own behavior. He was rude to me, and I was heated, which led to our initial exchange. While I wasn’t purposely trying to start anything, I was WILLFULLY ignoring signals. I should have been much more low-key with my personality and openness to new people, and followed his lead. Which required a certain level of respect. Respect for his person, respect for his house, and respect for his wishes. My bad. My bad. I’m trying to decide on a peace offering or if I should just let it be. I don’t like festering wounds, but at the same time I don’t want to get beaten with a baseball bat, stabbed, or shot. He doesn’t seem the type, but one never knows.  This is a lesson that I need to learn VERY quickly, if I want to continue being comfortable with different people in Oakland. I’m not always going to have someone to vouch for me, and there are definitely people in this town that would shoot me for less. <shiver>

Merry Xmas, y’all. Hope it was a good one!


3 thoughts on “In Which The Author Hits the Fence (literally)

  1. I agree David, and I need to work on it. You know that I’ve struggled for ever with the notion of respect, and not being immediately comfortable in situations and acting as if everyone is my best friend. I’m working on it, and it’s a continual improvement, but I relapse occasionally. Know that this was the first time I have EVER had any problems in Oakland, or anywhere really. Thanks for talking straight

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