Well-being Elucidation (General Update)

It’s been a long while since I wrote last, and I was reminded by a friend today that some people might want to know what’s going on with me.  I’ve been off the radar for many way out here in Oakland.  So, I’m going to spend the next words, sentences, and paragraphs describing–in brief–what I’ve been up to for about the last year.

First thing’s first: Almost a year ago, I decided to quit my job and go “full-time hippy”.  I had decided that it was time for me to make the leap towards that murky dream that I call my “future plans”.  Namely, to live a life free from guilt while working towards a lifestyle with low-to-no environmental impact filled with friends, fulfillment, and fulfillment. This meant giving up the job I had worked so hard to get, and it meant giving up on the goal of paying off my student loans in the next few years. I decided to be ex-employed for the next year and see how I did.  Well, today marks the halfway point. 6 months ago today, I started my first day of ex-employment.

Since I quit my job, I’ve built a chicken coop, two compost bins, a mini-aquaponics system, a green house, a staircase to the creek behind my house, a solar dehydrator, and most of a utility bike cart. I’ve accidentally killed 7 goldfish, possibly a chicken (she just dropped dead, who knows why), and hundreds, if not thousands, of worms in my first vermicomposting attempt.  I’ve traveled to Guatemala, fallen in love twice, and discovered the strolling-minstrel in me.  Since I went full-time hippy, I’ve come to accept more aspects of my life that don’t need changing, and changed more of my behaviors that do. I’ve successfully lead more projects than any other time in my life, and I was also depressed for nearly 2 months and barely accomplished anything.

It has been a great ride, and I look forward to the next 6 months, whatever they bring.


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