The Plight of the Exemployed (aka the twenty-something blues)

There’s a not really surprising difference between being employed and what I’ve come call “ex-employed”. It’s not my term, unfortunately, but it is apt. I am not unemployed. I chose this situation that I am in.  Being employed means that you most have someone, or something, telling you what to do. Whether it’s the instruction manual, telling you how to operate a piece of equipment, or a boss telling you to be at a meeting at 3:30, or propriety telling you to wear a Hawaiian shirt on Fridays, there is always something.

Exemployed, there is no one telling me what to do.  No one is laying out the best path towards completion of my BS in Life.  And I can honestly say, that it is both freeing and frightening. I’ve been in a structured environment with a clear idea of the next step for so long, that this amorphous blob of possible futures is mind-boggling. And sometimes I need someone to tell me what to do.  Planning my own route through life doesn’t always work. I’ve gone so far as to enlist my roommate in being my tight-ass boss for an hour on Fridays.  I’m slowly learning how to be my own boss–of course, I’m too much like that boss who wants to be friends with all of his employees.


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