North to Flores

Here I am in the tropical island town of Flores. I got here last night around midnight-thirty and haven’t left yet. It took me 12 hours on a bus yesterday to get here, and you would think that I would have had enough of sitting down, but I made the mistake of tryin to catch up with a group of scots last night at the hostel bar. Nearly succeeded, oh but the cost on my body–ugh! Getting old, I guess. I had plans to explore the town today and maybe get a lancha to points on the lake, but first the heat, and then the rain has kept me in this hammock all day. I’ll be heading to Tikal dark and early tomorrow morning to explore the ruins, and then off to Lake Atitlan in the western highlands.
My last week at Long Way Home was bittersweet. Do you ever have that feeling of sadness at the end of a class or summer camp, where you know you’ll probably not see again the people you spent weeks and months connecting with…and no one seems to care? It wasn’t quite like that, but close. Left with a hug and a “nice knowin ya”. I didn’t get a third of what I thought to get done, but still accomplished a lot in my month there. I never did pound any tires or do any cob work, but I did build a constructed wetlands from start to finish, so there’s that. I’ll be uploading pictures of the school to my Google+ account over the next few weeks. It’s pretty amazing and quite an inspiration. All in all, it was a great experience and I’m glad to have done it. I am excited to go home to Oakland, California and start enacting my plans. I’ve only got 4 more months to fully “opt out”, which means finding a source (or sources) of income to pay my way. I’ve got ideas, and some small projects, but no clear plan forward yet.
As for Guatemala…I love you so. Your people, your natural beauty, your damaged yet amazingly strong and buoyant soul. I will miss you, but something tells me that we’ve a long future together.
Cheers, y’all


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