Here I am, Guatemala

Managed to snag some time to come down here to the internet cafe and get some online time.  It already feels like a week or two has passed, as the last few days have been quite a whirlwind! Made all my flights, although I almost missed the final boarding call for both of them! The first cuz I was zoning out, the second because I had set my phone time too far ahead and was an hour off. Luckily, I had set a random alarm earlier in the week and it woke me up JUST in time to hop on the plane.
This place is amazing! They are doing here everything that we want to do at Motive and then some:

  • Cob fabrication: check
  • Bottle brick construction: check
  • Rammed earth construction: check
  • Earthship design expertise: check
  • Humanure: check
  • Near zero waste: check
  • Educating local populace in sustainable living techniques: check

These guys are serving as an excellent example to the community in a lot of ways, and the school they are currently building is going to be AWESOME.  It´s called ¨Tecnico Maya¨ and is an elementary school, spanish immersion program, and vocational/technical school all in one.  Lots of models for sustainable living, too.  I´ll be taking photos and uploading them to my Google+ account throughout this month if you want to check them out!
There is so much to do and learn here that my head is spinning a bit.  Everytime I turn the corner, there´s something that needs fixing, improving, or building from scratch.  I really feel like I´m in my element.  It certainly helps that both the staff and the volunteers all seem super chill.  There´s a lot of turnover happening in the next few weeks, so it´ll be different than it has been, but I look forward to the opportunity of helping to craft a great team.
I am never reminded of how amazing our collective is as much as when I am visiting other communities.  We get shit done.  Seems like some of the current batch of volunteers are more than happy to let someone else do their dishes or cook their dinner (just a tad of bitterness, is all), although I can´t fault their dedication to the work.  They all work their butts off when they´re onsite.
Anyway, I´m gonna go brave the rain and head on back to the cabana my dad and I share.  Take a nap.
I miss you all, and I hope you´re doing well!  Feel free to make picture requests or ask questions.  I should be down here about once a week to update my blog / upload photos.


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