The Author Outlines His Projects

I’m nearing 30 years old and have yet to settle on a life path. I have been drifting for so long, pulling myself along in the current that I think that it’s time to pull out onto a rock for a breather and a lookiesee.

First: What do I know?
I know that I have been unhappy with the lifestyle that I find myself surrounded by for quite a long time.  I know that I feel a need to change the way I live my day to day.  I know that I want to share this life with my friends and family.  I know that I learn physical and mental skills quickly.  I know that I enjoy working with technology (to a point).  I know that I want to learn more about growing food and dealing with waste sustainably.  I know that I am living in a time that needs the skills that I want to learn.

Coming up: What do I have?


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