In Which Motivating One’s Self Requires…Practice

It is very difficult to motivate one’s self.
In fact, I have never really had to do it myself.
Yes. I just spent the last post talking about how I have had to make all of my own choices because I felt no expectations.
However, I am still saying that getting me to do things is very difficult. Why? You know, that is a very difficult question.
Ultimately, I think it has to do with goal setting and organization.  In the past, when I have wanted to achieve a long term and complicated goal, I was able to rely on others for the goal setting, others for the organization.
Schools have degrees and required classes; engineers have tasks and timelines.  Regardless the institution, I have always worked according to others’ ideas of what was “important.”

Well, now I have to decide.  Now, I have to plan.  Now, I have to think.


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