Letters to Friends

Our lives are busy. We constantly have things to do, concepts to learn, and people to bond with. Time spent with friends our friends is precious and not generally used for serious conversation.  What ever happened to writing letters?

To be honest, I haven’t written a good letter…ever.  I mean, at least not since I was a kid–and who writes good letters when they’re a kid?  I don’t think that I’ve even written a long personal email in a while.  I was looking at my emails the other day and noticed that the long emails I have written tended to trickle off after a few back-and-forths.  If letters are so important, why aren’t I writing them?

In fact, why are letters important at all? Why should I even care what my writing habits are?

Letters connect us in a way that no other medium can.  Things that you wish you could say but can’t because:
a) Interruptions are bound to occur.
b) It’s hard to speak when you’re laughing.
c) You’re dumb — I mean you can’t speak, dumb, not…dumb dumb.

Anyway, I guess what I mean to say is that in order to be more connected to the people in our lives, we should take some time to tell them what’s up now and then.  Not everyone can go to lunch on a regular basis.  Sometimes the people you care about live hours away and a phone call isn’t practical.  Perhaps this is one of those New Years resolution things that people are always “failing” at.

It’s funny to me that people think they can fail at learning a skill.  As if there’s some end to the learning that one could do in any field of interest. I’m finding myself glad that I grew up without much direction.  I had no one pushing me in any direction, so every direction I chose was my choice.  I didn’t even realize until today that that may be a problem for some people.  A coworker was relating to me today that he was having a hard time making good use of his time because he’d never had to make his own decisions before.  Whether it was friends or family, he’s always been able to follow.  I wonder if that’s true for most people.  I guess that when you gather several people together, they “group-think” their activities? *shrug*

I think that I will resolve to write someone tonight. And possibly next week sometime.  Yes.  I will write you friend, just you wait.


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