And a New Day Is Dawning

Forgive the overachieving title, I’m trying to keep it interesting.

I found out yesterday that I am officially going part-time at my job.  Better minds than mine convinced me that it was best not to go cold turkey on this job thing and try for a middle road. Although I have enough money to support me for a while, it was determined that it would be a nice thing to have a part time gig paying for my bills while I try and explore other opportunities.

I talked with my boss on Wednesday of last week; laid it all out on the table: my unhappiness with my current job, my desire to have more time to myself and my own projects, and what I might do instead.  He took it well, I think.  I feel bad doing this right now, though.  It seems like a lot of people here are moving on to greener pastures.  Which of course puts more pressure on the people who stick around.  Unfortunate, but one does what one must.

The next day, I got called into the VP of Production’s office. This was the guy who originally recruited me for Reliability and is a man whom I respect (despite his 12ft tall truck). He sincerely wanted to know what bee got in my bonnet. So I told him. Everything. We discussed my thoughts on the way the country and the world are going, acknowledged the difference in priorities once one has a family, and determined that a part-time deal might be possible.

I can’t express how much it means to me to have these people support me in this.  As crazy as I must be for throwing away this job in this economy, they are looking for ways to accommodate me.  I couldn’t ask for better management.

So, from next week until June 4th, or until they find a full-time replacement (whichever comes first), I will be known as Specialist Shawn Rutan — basically a technician.  I will have my responsibilities reduced, along with my pay, and spend my day performing other peoples test. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Every weekend a 4 dayer? Mondays and Fridays to volunteer, work on projects, or whatever else strikes my fancy AND pay my bills without dipping into my savings? Sounds good to me.


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